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Mar 2016
Mario Hofer
Mar 31 2016 08:22 UTC
Does anyone know what Electron module I have to import to Angular2 to enable ipcRenderer module inside Angular2 app?
Søren Müller
Mar 31 2016 08:55 UTC
Hi All,
Probably a stupid question, but how do I update my system.js to version 0.19.25 in my aurelia project ??
Rino Reji Cheriyan
Mar 31 2016 18:01 UTC
@SorenMuller Not sure I get your question correctly. But you could delete systemjs folder from node_modules folder and then remove systemjs from package.json. then I think you could do npm install systemjs --save-dev
Mar 31 2016 20:10 UTC
still failing, looks like it should work. Inside the single file is
System.register("js/app/admin/boot", ['angular2/platform/browser', 'angular2/router', 'angular2/http', "js/app/admin/app"], function(exports_12, context_12) {
In my .html: System.import('js/app/admin/boot')
However systemjs is still bringing down the individual js/app/admin/boot.js
there is a piece of magic i'm missing
I'm missing something about the way system.js works. I have in a single file all my modules. For example System.register('js/app/admin/boot',...
I load that single file into my web page
I THEN call System.import('js/app/admin/boot') BUT, instead of loading it from memory, it's downloading the individual files