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Apr 2016
Apr 06 2016 08:23

I think I’ve found a bug. When I do this:

import mapValues from 'lodash/mapValues'

I get this error:

err  Error on fetch for npm:lodash@4.8.2/toString at file:///path/to/project/jspm_packages/npm/lodash@4.8.2/toString
  Loading npm:lodash@4.8.2/_toSource.js
  Loading npm:lodash@4.8.2/_getTag.js
  Loading npm:lodash@4.8.2/_baseIsEqualDeep.js
  Loading npm:lodash@4.8.2/_baseIsEqual.js
  Loading npm:lodash@4.8.2/_baseMatchesProperty.js
  Loading npm:lodash@4.8.2/_baseIteratee.js
  Loading npm:lodash@4.8.2/mapValues.js
  Loading app/app.js
  Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/path/to/project/jspm_packages/npm/lodash@4.8.2/toString'
    at Error (native)
lodash’s _toSource has these imports:
var memoize = require('./memoize'),
    toString = require('./toString');
The weird thing is that './memoize' correctly resolves to './memoize.js', whereas the .js extension doesn’t get added for toString...
This is with jspm@0.17.0-beta.12, using plugin-babel and with "format": "esm".
Guy Bedford
Apr 06 2016 08:58
@ppvg I actually just fixed this yesterday for the next release - jspm/npm@e315e30
Apr 06 2016 09:05
@guybedford oh, wow. That's awesome. Thanks!
Apr 06 2016 09:45
I got an Angular 2 app that is using systemjs to load. How to I configure Angular and Systemjs not to e.g. load all parts of rxjs (operators etc.) and instead use Rx.min.js as the soruce for RXjs?
Maxime Veber
Apr 06 2016 09:47
2 solutions:
1- compile all your angular files without systemjs (it should work, but never tested)
2- use jspm to build your app with systemjs. Much more tricky approach (especially because there is no doc for now) but the right way !
Apr 06 2016 09:51
ok. I'l have a look at jspm
Manuel Pacheco
Apr 06 2016 09:55
random but interesting question: why no logo for systemjs?