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Apr 2016
Apr 26 2016 09:59
I am using aurelia bundler and gulp bundle for bundling my aurelia codes. Post bundling I have to come back and update the path mapping in config.js file. Any idea how to avoid this manual update of config.js file ?
Apr 26 2016 16:32
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Andrew Stoker
Apr 26 2016 19:03
Am I able to dynamically load SystemJS from another script? I'm trying to load up a number of script tags from a singular javascript file in the head (pure javascript, no jquery). Got this working in EVERY BROWSER BUT IE (my hate runs deeper still). It seems that after creating the script tag and inserting it into the head, the onLoad callback when finished still doesn't have System defined. I'm running out of ideas.
Guy Bedford
Apr 26 2016 21:24
@AStoker make sure a promise polyfill is already included in the page. See for more info. Also this applies to the latest version specifically, previous versions needed the URl polyfill as well
Amal Hussein
Apr 26 2016 21:25
hi all, i'm hoping this is an easy question, i've setup a standalone react component that i would like to now bundle to bring into a legacy backbone app, that uses requireJS. I've been reading a few different docs and I'm not sure what the best option would be using minimal cruft
@guybedford seems like u might be online (yaaay!)
Guy Bedford
Apr 26 2016 21:27
@amalahussein sure, a good approach would be a bundle-sfx in jspm 0.16 or a build in jspm 0.17 beta
that can then be loaded as a module itself into the requirejs app
react can also be excluded as a dependency of that too if you want to load it through requirejs rather
jspm 0.17 does have a better workflow around this so it may be advisable to follow
Amal Hussein
Apr 26 2016 21:30
ok, i'm on 0.16, but i will try out 0.17 if you think its stable enough
if I want to publish the component on npm, would that still work?