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May 2016
λex Vincent
May 08 2016 06:46 UTC
@spookyvision are you using a hot reloader?
Sebastien Mamessier
May 08 2016 16:44 UTC
Hi guys, I have a problem using custom Globals, I created an issue but it's quite urgent, could someone help ?
(Issue #1256 )
David Klingenberg
May 08 2016 19:18 UTC
Hi guys, I'm trying to configure SystemJS to load modules concatenated into one file, but I'm struggling with that. It doesn't map modules into concatenated file and keeps loading them separately. Would anyone here have any advise? Thanks
Maxime Dupré
May 08 2016 23:36 UTC
I have created a bundle with the SystemJS builder (builder.bundle(...)) for my whole application. How do I use this bundle/the ouput file of the builder? If I just use it with a script tag it loads, but then nothing happens, same thing if I load it with System.import. I know that I can use buildStatic and put the output file in a script tag and it works, but what's the best way to do it, and why doesn't solution 1 work for me?