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May 2016
Ben Sandwick
May 16 2016 11:02
Out of interest, is System's lazy loading related to anything in the actual es6 module loader spec?
as in, if i'm trying to write my js as close to standard es6 as possible, is lazy loading something to be avoided?
May 16 2016 11:25
@ben657 As far as i know SystemJS is always lazy loading. But things like "import XYZ from 'abc'" will be added as a dependency and loaded immediately, because it will be needed for your currently loaded part (loaded lazy or not). If you want lazy loading you have to manually import with System.import() once some not yet needed/imported functionality is needed. But regarding ES6: Only the import statements are in the final spec. System.import() and alike are not yet part of the spec.
Dave Ackerman
May 16 2016 19:03
hi there. can anyone help out with my question here: valor-software/ng2-dragula#155
(last comment)
I think it’s a module resolution thing, but I’m not sure why it’s not working :(
May 16 2016 19:19
It seems like when using jquery with system.js, import * as $ from 'jquery' returns a different instance of $ than referencing window.$ - Does anyone know the solution for that?
some libraries properly get a handle on $ by using require, others just operate directly on window.$