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May 2016
Davis Kim
May 24 2016 00:31
anyone running into issues with System.import in 0.17?
it seems like it's not doing anything after i created a bundle using jspm bundle -wid
jspm 0.17, that is
May 24 2016 19:15
hi, could some one help me with systemJs-builder?
node bundle.js Unhandled rejection Error on translate for ts/app.js at file:///Users/mzoubek/Documents/Miha/www/GroupSweat/public/ts/app.js MultipleErrors: file:///Users/mzoubek/Documents/Miha/www/GroupSweat/public/ts/app.js:4:1: Unexpected token @ file:///Users/mzoubek/Documents/Miha/www/GroupSweat/public/ts/app.js:4:2: Semi-colon expected