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May 2016
Ibby Hadeed
May 29 2016 00:23
hello there
I come with a newbie question about systemjs: is it good only for development or for production too?
why would I use it instead of webpack, for example.
May 29 2016 04:50
systemjs-builder buildStatic is getting these errors
Unhandled rejection Error on fetch for process.js at file:///src/process.js
Loading bundle/src/common.js
Loading npm:@angular/core@2.0.0-rc.1/index
Loading npm:@angular/core@2.0.0-rc.1/src/metadata
Loading npm:@angular/core@2.0.0-rc.1/src/metadata/view
Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/src/process.js'
at Error (native)
not sure what is referencing process.js
May 29 2016 20:51

hi guys,
Im trying to install PhotoSwipe with JSPM and autoload the 2 js included

But SystemJS only include one of 2 js
How can I add manually a js to the systemjs autoloader ?

Thank you