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Jun 2016
Jason Vendryes
Jun 02 2016 12:41
Hello! I am really struggling with getting SystemJS Bundles working with Angular2, anyone have a good resource or some time to help?
Jun 02 2016 13:36
@brombomb I couldn't go any further, waiting for RC.2.
Patrick Surrey
Jun 02 2016 15:23
Hey, I'm using angular-cli which in turn uses systemjs builder (, but it seems as if it does not properly replace process.env.NODE_ENV. How can I enforce that?
Jason Vendryes
Jun 02 2016 15:55
I got bundler working with TS, is there a way to get the HTML templates / CSS bundled
Guilherme Aiolfi
Jun 02 2016 18:01
I'm trying to update from 0.16 to 0.19 and I'm having some troubles like: pub/process.js 404 (Not Found) and pub/buffer.js 404 (Not Found)
both from installing lodash using: jspm install lodash=npm:lodash
/pub is my System.baseURL
Guilherme Aiolfi
Jun 02 2016 18:19
and it added to the "map"
section: "npm:lodash@4.13.1": {
"buffer": "github:jspm/nodelibs-buffer@0.1.0",
"process": "github:jspm/nodelibs-process@0.1.2"
I can't see why it's not working :(
Jun 02 2016 19:04
for those of you looking into jspm and angular2 with hot-reloading, I posted this awesome ng2 kitchen sink with jspm hot-reload:
ng2 goodness!!!!
Guy Bedford
Jun 02 2016 19:34
@guilhermeaiolfi I'm not sure where the issue is - jspm install lodash && jspm run lodash works all ok here. Perhaps make sure you're including the config files correctly
Guilherme Aiolfi
Jun 02 2016 19:45
@guybedford sorry, It was my mistake, I was using a System.baseURL = "PATH"; (before 0.16 it wasn't a problem)... but I noticed that it needs to be the first config call now... everything is fine now... thanks :)
Guilherme Aiolfi
Jun 02 2016 19:59
next issue: how to use plugins with systemjs-builder?
I was using: builder.bundle('[app//*] + [app//*.html!ractem]', 'dist/app.js', {minify: true}).then(function() {
ractem being my custom plugin
builder.bundle('[app/**/*] + [app/**/*.html!ractem]', 'dist/app.js', {minify: true}).then(function() {
Guy Bedford
Jun 02 2016 20:01
**/* -> **/*.js I think
also better to do loader by configuration if you can
Guilherme Aiolfi
Jun 02 2016 20:43
That was it... many thanks, you and jspm both are awesome :)