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Jun 2016
Zeeshan Jan
Jun 15 2016 05:12
Hi Is anyone using the seed project:
I am facing issue with the command: npm run , I think its related to systemjs-builder
Yahya Kacem
Jun 15 2016 10:36

@DavidStrada I tried that didn't work I put a paths attribute in the config object like this:

"paths": {
  'shared': './app/shared'

but got the Cannot find module 'shared' error when tried to do:

import { whatever } from 'shared';
Ben Sandwick
Jun 15 2016 10:41
Where's the best place to start debugging a 'Module must be loaded as AMD or CommonJS' exception? All works fine loading the modules in-browser, but I get that when creating a self-executing bundle
Guy Bedford
Jun 15 2016 10:53
@ben657 that's a bug in the builder rollup integration, fixed in systemjs/builder@91a4271
you can run with --skip-rollup or rollup: false
Ben Sandwick
Jun 15 2016 11:08
ah that's fine then, thanks @guybedford
Andrei Balmus
Jun 15 2016 13:08
Hi @guybedford, related to yesterdays issue with baseURL, the karma now wont work because it has some conflicts with jspm base url. Is it possible to set baseURL outside the jspm config so it work correctly with paths ? Thanks!
Sorry for my English )
Jake Niemiec
Jun 15 2016 15:50
@abalmush There is a good tutorial that talks about this.