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Jun 2016
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Jun 23 2016 11:34
can I provide a global override to a package which other packages depend on? for example, if A depends on B@1, I want to still use B@2, and do that for any other packages as well, without providing overrides for each
Peter Uithoven
Jun 23 2016 12:43
@Mosho1 Would jspm resolve --only ... work for that?
Rob Eisenberg
Jun 23 2016 15:57
Has anyone set up system.js with babel as the transpiler...without any build step? Using browser.js from babel-core doesn't seem to be supported. I also can't get babel-standalone working. Does anyone have a System.config handy that sets it all up?
Rob Eisenberg
Jun 23 2016 17:46
I was able to get it working with TypeScript with almost no effort, but can't seem to find updated information on how to configure the SystemJS transpiler option for Babel. The SystemJS docs don't seem to be reflective of the current Babel releases.
Rob Eisenberg
Jun 23 2016 17:57
Just as an fyi. Here's what I tried:
  defaultJSExtensions: true,
  transpiler: 'babel',
  babelOptions: {

  baseURL: 'src',
  map: {
    babel: ''
I tried a couple options from cdnjs. I also npm installed a few things to try, including babel-standalone from both sources. Nothing seems to work. This seems pretty common, so perhaps someone can just point me at the correct babel module to use?
Peter Uithoven
Jun 23 2016 20:33
@EisenbergEffect this is the default when using jspm init?
the tricky thing might be that the stable jspm (0.16) uses a older version of babel, while the new jspm uses the the latest
Rob Eisenberg
Jun 23 2016 21:14
I'm trying to do it without jspm. I'd like to use the latest system.js and configure that manually to use babel. I'm just not sure how.
Will it set it up correctly if I use the latest jspm to init the project with babel?
Peter Uithoven
Jun 23 2016 21:15
I don't understand why people try do that config manually? what would be the point?
yeah, of course, that one of it's core functionality.
Rob Eisenberg
Jun 23 2016 21:15
I don't want to use jspm.
Rather I want to distribute a package that doesn't require the use of jspm.
Or any knowledge of it.
I'll try using the tool to set it up and see where that goes.
Regardless, it would be nice if this was better documented on the site. The docs in the readme seem out of date on this subject.
Peter Uithoven
Jun 23 2016 21:18
Ah alright. (That should also be possible when using jspm yourself)
Have you checked the following docs for the latest SystemJS?
(I agree the docs could be better, I try to help out where I understand it somewhat)
Guy Bedford
Jun 23 2016 23:13
@EisenbergEffect the way to do this with Babel 6 this is through the Babel plugin
Systemjs docs updates are urgently needed here I know!