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Jun 2016
Will Prater
Jun 30 2016 00:34
can one create two bundles at once?
while using the watch directive
Jun 30 2016 07:48
Hi everyone, i'm trying to understand the difference between SystemJS and the es6 module loader polyfill.
I'm i right if i say that the only difference is that SystemJS allow to import module in formats other than es6 module (AMD, CommonJS, global ....) ?
I'm pretty sure i'm missing something ... :)
Peter Müller
Jun 30 2016 08:30
I don't think es6 module loader has a plugin concept either. Or a loader configuration
Olajide Jr
Jun 30 2016 13:11
guys I had an issue mapping npm:react@0.14.8 to a minified version on the cloudfare cdn in system config but was solved by mapping to a minified version created with jspm bundle --minify
which saved about 200 request
Olajide Jr
Jun 30 2016 17:34
This message was deleted
berwyn (Jamison)
Jun 30 2016 21:01
Hey folks, I have a quick question about imports. I have some ES6 code that I'm passing through Babel to create and concatenate SystemJS modules. My problem is that relative imports don't seem to behave quite the way I'd expect them to. For example, I have two files, foo/a/b and foo/c/d. foo/a/b has a relative import of ../c/d which resolves properly in all my tooling, but resolves to ${baseURL}/../c/d in System rather than to foo/c/d as I would expect. Am I wrong in assuming that I can resolve relative packages like that? Or do they actually need to be separate files for that to work?
Jun 30 2016 21:36
what do I need to provide in a system-config.js to load redux and redux-thunk form node_modules?
Peter Müller
Jun 30 2016 21:37
I recommend using jspm for this to let it handle the configuration for you
Jun 30 2016 21:39
mhh … was trying to use broccoli, but will try jspm instead
Jun 30 2016 22:13
it looks like jspm does not support private git repos—is there a way of getting system.js to work with npm without it?