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Jul 2016
Jul 11 2016 05:23 UTC
thanks @jakeNiemiec
Jul 11 2016 11:17 UTC
I'd appreciate some help/advice regarding folloing topic:
I have 2 external libraries, that create/overwrite global variable with the same name (window.L in this case).
If I import only one of them, everything works as expected, but when i import both, then lib2 overwrites window.L that is expected to be defined by lib1 as well.
Do I understand correctly, that this issue can be resolved using Shim Dependencies and/or Custom Globals and/or Exports features of SystemJS?
Peter Müller
Jul 11 2016 17:49 UTC
Is anyone in here bothered by slow loading of modules in SystemJS and would you like to help me out by testing a tool I wrote to speed up the development flow?