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Jul 2016
Michael Bøcker-Larsen
Jul 13 2016 00:15
@flapenguin not that I've come over. Except for maybe the source.
            if (curModule.indexOf('*') != -1) {
              var parts = curModule.split('*');
              if (parts.length != 2) {
                loader.bundles[b].splice(i--, 1);
Vasili Sviridov
Jul 13 2016 21:34
Hello. I have a react/jsx app built with JSPM. I'm now trying to write a server-side companion app for static rendering. I'm trying to reuse code between the two, so I'm using the SystemJS.import() call to be able to import all the files. But when I run it it chokes on JSX syntax.
Do i need to configure my transpiler separately for the node runtime?
Vasili Sviridov
Jul 13 2016 21:44
it seems that files imported from withing top-level JSX can have JSX and it parses correctly...
Vasili Sviridov
Jul 13 2016 22:05
Ah, it appears to be that way because the top-level file was outside of the directory covered by jspm.