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Jul 2016
Thomas Sieverding
Jul 22 2016 00:41
Can System return previously loaded modules synchronously? Want to pull stuff up in console
Michael Blaszczyk
Jul 22 2016 01:24
Is there a way to get the systemJS config baseUrl within the app code so that images/assets can be loaded from the correct place?
something similar to require.toUrl(...)?
Michael Bøcker-Larsen
Jul 22 2016 01:40
@Bajix they are cached yes. But still wrapped in a promise. So from console System.import('yourModule').then(function(res) { res.default });
Tjaart van der Walt
Jul 22 2016 03:23

is it possible to symlink a npm scoped package?

I try to run

jspm link ../somepackage

where somepackage has a name field of @somescope/somepackagename

I get an error

err Error linking local:@somescope/somepackagename. The local registry doesn't support package names of this form. Make sure to enter a valid package name as the second argument to jspm link or set the package.json name field of the package being linked.

Michael Bøcker-Larsen
Jul 22 2016 04:05
@tjaartvdwalt I use symlink yes, but regular ln -s I'm not familar with jspm link
Guy Bedford
Jul 22 2016 11:08
@tjaartvdwalt jspm link ../somepackage npm:@scope/name@x.y.z
it must be linked as an npm package
Tjaart van der Walt
Jul 22 2016 12:16
@guybedford thanks!
Axel Dolce
Jul 22 2016 12:53
im sure this must have already come up. How about implementing SystemJS.import(['jquery', 'axios'])? Are there any cons?