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Aug 2016
Aug 03 2016 14:11
Hi guys
I'm running into a weird problem with system.js
My app depends on node-ffi, so I've specified it in dependencies
I've also put it in map section of system.config:
'ffi': 'node_modules/ffi/lib/ffi.js'
Now, when I'm running the script that depends on ffi, it fails on the ffi dependencies
I mean ffi.js requires some libraries, like this:
var ref = require('ref')
var assert = require('assert')
var debug = require('debug')('ffi:ffi')
var Struct = require('ref-struct')
var bindings = require('./bindings')
Aug 03 2016 14:16
And for some reason it looks for them in a root folder
Does that mean that I need to specify all of them (and their dependencies and the dependencies of the dependencies and so on) in map section?
Sounds weird to me...