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Aug 2016
Hürkan Yakay
Aug 08 2016 06:27
hi guys i have to do unusual fantastic loading. i will send file in request response as string(which includes module System.register(["....), then add this module to my environment. Apperantly i have to bypass System.import and somehow eval() myself. eval not working due to "Invalid System.register call". Any kind of help is welcome...
Peter Müller
Aug 08 2016 09:07
Why do you need to bypass System.import? SystemJS handles responses that directly insert into the cache jut fine
This premise is what I built my systemjs-builder express middleware on
Aug 08 2016 09:17
Getting "Syntax error" when running in IE11 using SystemJS v.0.19.29 and system-polyfills.js - function __exec() line (0, eval)(getSource(load, true)); - how to troubleshoot it?
Hürkan Yakay
Aug 08 2016 10:50
@Munter System.import's first hook is locate which makes http request that provided file url.I don't want a create request, i want to give file as strings to the system.
Peter Müller
Aug 08 2016 12:39
Well in that case eval. But wait until systemjs has made itself available
Aug 08 2016 13:54
I was just wondering - would SystemJS need much of a plugin API if all transpilation were done at the filesystem level (with user-space filesystem/fusile)?
^ @guybedford