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Aug 2016
Michael Zedeler
Aug 29 2016 11:53
Hi :-)
I am working in a ES6 environment with ReactJS and want to run some unit tests in a terminal (with node.js). The app is isomorphic and runs fine server side.
But to run the tests, I need to defer module loads until after I've stubbed away some modules, so I turned to SystemJS.
After a while, I found that setting up the map and packages part is really tedious because SystemJS can't automatically find the packages even though they're all available in node_modules (they're there because they were installed with npm).
What am I doing wrong?
I created this slightly different angeled question on SO:
λex Vincent
Aug 29 2016 13:01
@Munter yeah, so first issue is that it doesnt work properly on 017
but for some reason, file watching takes forever
express-systemjs-translate: DEBUG 64.435 watch requested files
Peter Müller
Aug 29 2016 13:02