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Sep 2016
Jerry Orta
Sep 01 2016 04:01
I have completed an angular2 seed with jspm and systemjs. Feedback welcome. See
Sep 01 2016 09:12
does systemjs allow debugging?
the export keyword is not supported
in browsers natively anyway
so you’d expect some transpilation step to take place
but when that happens, it might make the original code look unclear in the debugger
is that the case?
Cristian Eriomenco
Sep 01 2016 11:29
Hi guys, I have a problem with setting the folderstructure for angular2 starter with systemjs
So basically here is how I want it to look like
having a /src/app folder instead of the /app
The problem is that It cannot findout where is index.html
Any clues how to point-out manually the location of index.html ?
Sep 01 2016 15:58
is it possible with system.js to do something like this:
Sep 01 2016 15:59
@cristian-eriomenco you should never have to rearrange your source folders to make your app run
use gulp to move files into your desired structure under some target directory
that's what I do at least
Ahmed Emad Mohamed
Sep 01 2016 21:39
I'm using systemjs throw Angular-CLI.
When I add OpenLayers js file using html tag <script></script> map works fine and map works fine, but when I use systemjs I get ReferenceError: ol is not defined.