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Sep 2016
λex Vincent
Sep 02 2016 11:55
@guybedford Hi, Im trying to use the systemjs builder api. But having issues invalidating the builder cache. I create a builder, bundle, then builder.invalidate(“module”) but the builder cache is empty. (Went in a did a console.log), is there something im missing here?
@Munter You might also be able to help here
Cristian Eriomenco
Sep 02 2016 16:52
@Jefftopia I agree with you, and your suggestion is what I'm trying to actually achieve. Can you please explain whats the meaning of the statements after map: { app: '/app/', statements which follow.... } according to this screenshot
@Jefftopia I don't quite understand how the systemjs (being copied in src) is going to find the node_modules folder from dist. Is the configuration file helping him to find out? or is that map: {....} doing the magic?
Leo Lutz
Sep 02 2016 21:13
Hello, Is it possible to not include a transpiler? I'm using es6-shim so I don't need to transpile anything.