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Sep 2016
Josh McCullough
Sep 04 2016 02:21
Hello everyone. I've written a package my-module which looks as follows. Can someone tell me the proper syntax to use in order to import UserService from this module?
define("services/UserService", ["require", "exports", ..., "services/BaseService"], function (require, exports, ..., BaseService_31) {
    "use strict";
    var UserService = (function (_super) {
        // ... stuff here ...

        return UserService;
    exports.UserService = UserService;

E.g., this doesn't work...

import {UserService} from "my-module/services/UserService";

This causes SystemJS to try to load the URL node_modules/my-module/dist/index.js/models/UserService.js.

Cristian Eriomenco
Sep 04 2016 20:52
Is there a chance to get any help at all?
Cristian Eriomenco
Sep 04 2016 21:19
I have problems building src folder with node_modules outside. Any referenced scripts are 404's. map:{}, and paths:{} is not helping or I'm not using it correctly. I've created a SO question: please take a look