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Sep 2016
Tolis Christomanos
Sep 14 2016 09:32
@Hypercubed cool, thanks for sharing!
@guybedford Does SystemsJS doing any lazy parsing optimisations? I am taking a look at this rollup issue rollup/rollup#774
Guy Bedford
Sep 14 2016 10:51
@chchrist this could have an effect on system.register actually
It could definitely be worth testing if the return 'execute' function wrapped in brackets can avoid double parsing and speed up Es bundling
In the case of the statement 'return { execute: (function() { ... }) }' within the System.register wrapper
If anyone is interested in testing these numbers out on a bundle would be interesting to hear it it makes a difference
Tolis Christomanos
Sep 14 2016 12:59
@guybedford I’ll give it a go
Sep 14 2016 14:57
Hi, I´m having trouble importing nodejs core modules, for example the crypto module. I just get a 404 error that the module is not found and since it´s a core module (not in node_modules) I dont know how to map to it
I tried to do the same thing as with the rxjs mapping in above config and then the failed 404 path indeed was changed but since it´s a core module I dont know how to point to it correctly
Sep 14 2016 17:13
I have been looking into the SFX Bundling and i am not sure I understand it correctly. I am under the impression that if I bundle the entire project and all its dependencies into the SFX bundle, it wont need to make external requests at all. I should be able to deploy a single file to contain all of the modules,right? I've been trying just to join all of the modules in project together so i dont need to make multiple requests, but it looks like if I remove the file paths that are mapped in the config for the bundle, it no longer works, eg tries to load localhost/moduleName