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Sep 2016
Sep 15 2016 10:24
I have a very simple question. Please excuse my ignorance. How do I actually run a SystemJS Builder script without using a Gulp or Grunt task? At the moment I have a systemjs-builder.js script like this: What else do I need to add?
Tolis Christomanos
Sep 15 2016 11:14
If I import something that I excluded from my bundle will SystemJS auto import it for me?
Sep 15 2016 14:22
In my project root i have three folders -> client, server, shared. When importing modules (typescript classes) in the server (nodejs) by just point to their path it works great, but when doing the same in the client (Angular2) systemjs tries to load these classes/modules as if they where inside of the client folder. This shows in the 404 url that looks like http://localhost/shared/mymodule... What to do for the client to load these modules correctly?
The shared folder is not inside the client folder but parallell to it