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Sep 2016
Sep 19 2016 09:47
i'm setting the systemjs.config.js file
i write this...
var map = {
    'app': 'app',
    '@angular': 'node_modules/@angular',
    'rxjs': 'node_modules/rxjs',
    'jquery': 'node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js',
    'foundation': 'dist/scripts/foundation.min.js'
i added jQuery and Foundation libraries
now i should add import 'jquery' and import 'foundation' in components
am i right?
which file have i to add these imports in? in main.ts or main component file (app.component.ts) ?
Tolis Christomanos
Sep 19 2016 12:28
@guybedford I’m trying to test the lazy parsing on System.register but I can’t find any return { execute: (function() { ... }) . Could you give me the line?
Guy Bedford
Sep 19 2016 13:05
@chchrist it would only be for bundling of ES modules not for COmmonJS or other formats
so it's specifically inside of the System.register(...) wrapping that that performance could apply
the way to replicate would be to have SystemJS with the Babel plugin bundling say 20 ES modules, then comparing the execution of that loaded bundle with and without the execute wrapper exactly as described.