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Oct 2016
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Oct 05 2016 04:33 UTC
@guybedford hi! I've been struggling for a while with unit testing with systemjs in node, and after snooping around in the mocha source I came up with this:
just a few lines and you get seamless unit tests without any bundling or testing frameworks
I saw other people were having trouble a few times, thought you might want to mention it in the repo somewhere, if you like it
Oct 05 2016 06:53 UTC
Hi @jpremill , I'm having issue with sytemjs config for building project to product. Could you please help me config it? I used temporary way, I has changed from systemjs to angular2 cli.
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Oct 05 2016 07:11 UTC
@Munter I skimmed through, but unless I missed it, every test suit calls System.import explicitly
which is what I always found somewhat unwieldy
Oct 05 2016 12:25 UTC
does systemjs always need an entry point? or can I use it for just loading modules?
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Oct 05 2016 13:56 UTC
@con-ssc not sure what you mean