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Oct 2016
Robin Bank
Oct 07 2016 14:27 UTC
Hi, I have a question about deploying my project. My jspm folder now contains 2000+ dependencies/files. But when I inspect in browser the site is actually only loading about 60 files (some app modules, bootstrap, jquery etc). how do I deploy just the relevent files needed to my production server
I have been reading about bundling, and while I could do that, my server does have http2 so I would like to keep the files separate and take advantage of depcache
Oct 07 2016 20:11 UTC
Has anybody had issues with angular material breaking the JSPM bundle using SystemJS builder v0.15.16? I keep getting an error in angular-ui-router stating Angular is not defined when I add angular-material v1.0.7 into the bundle.
Oct 07 2016 20:44 UTC
Figured out a work around. If I import angular-material before angular-ui-router as follows it builds and works correctly.
import 'angular-material';
import 'angular-ui-router';
Oct 07 2016 23:49 UTC
Does anyone know of a way to make jspm reference a sub folder? For cache invalidation we have our index.html in the web root then we have a sub folder that is the build number that contains all the other files (js, css, etc).
My current thinking is to just modify the "baseUrl" field in config.js manually as a build step, but I was wondering if there are any other options.