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Oct 2016
Sebastian K
Oct 18 2016 10:08
Can I somehow force SystemJS to reload a module? Say, a module A's dependencies have changed (the dependencies' modules are already set to the new version in loader.modules). How can I reload A during runtime, if A was defined as result of System.register in a bundle.js?
Peter Müller
Oct 18 2016 14:08
You can try looking up how does it
Artem Konovalov
Oct 18 2016 14:18
Hi there! Could anybody help me with the following issue?
I got '404 traceur not found' error in the chrome's console. My app is on Angular2. Guys from 'Angular2' room suggested to ask an advice here, because probably something wrong with systemjs.
I build my app with the gulp.
packaje.json has the latest version of system.js - 0.19.39
Thanx for any advice