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Oct 2016
Gion Kunz
Oct 24 2016 14:01
@Sophia-nguyen looks like you're trying to load a System.register bundle es AMD. Does the file you're loading contain a "format ..."; pragma at the beginning?
@nervebassmaster You'll need to add typescript transpiler. Check the SystemJS documentation on how to do that. Since you're loading a file which contains import / export statements, SystemJS is autodetecting ES6 and tries to use the default transpiler Traceur which is not found.
@kristho91 SystemJS is loading files in parallel and dealing with the dependency tree in a later stage so there's a chance that you don't see the same missing module all the time. For sure, all those modules are missing and you need to check if your map configuration is fine. Are you sure you're using the correct config when using SystemJS builder?
Gion Kunz
Oct 24 2016 14:08
@ForSpareParts We're using SystemJS for similar purpose which you describe on small and large scale and it's a perfect fit
@ForSpareParts Just be aware that the only output SystemJS builder will create is JS. Sometimes we're using the Sass loader plugin to transpile SCSS into CSS and load it into our JS bundles. For CSS modules, shadow DOM or other purpose this is perfect. However, if you'd want to output CSS files, I suggest you're using lib-sass directly and create a simple NPM script
Diego Bustamante
Oct 24 2016 16:12
hi - i'm having problems configuring TS transpiler. here's what it's returning instead of js:
namespace mmg.ScreenerEmbed.Initialization { alert("hello world!"); console.log("here !"); }
my config:
System.config({ transpiler: "typescript", typescriptOptions: { "emitDecoratorMetadata": true, "experimentalDecorators": true }, map: { typescript: "" }, paths: { "app/*": "/resources/js/*" }, packages: { "app": { defaultJSExtensions: false, defaultExtension: "ts" } } });
any thoughts? also, the default extension isn't being applied when loading with System.import("app/Init"); i need to specify .ts for it to load.. i'm suspecting that my config isn't being applied at all - anyway to check that from dev tools in chrome ?