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Oct 2016
Joe Edelman
Oct 27 2016 11:25
Hi folks, I'm trying to speed up a <script src=""> load. I'm not using jspm_packages folders at all, so the jspm command line tool doesn't set up the config file right for me, whether I'm generating a depcache or a bundle. I've tried both, and I can't seem to get the incantations right to load according to the depcache (at all) or to use the bundled modules if they're there and load live from the registry if they're not. Has anyone done this and documented it?
Jonas Kello
Oct 27 2016 19:36
@JasonKleban What are your module format setting for typescript? If you compile to commonjs you might have to add format: cjs to the package config
@diegohb If I read your config correctly you are trying to transpile with the typescript package. This is not possible, you must use the plugin-typescript package. However that has a dependency on typescript so you need that too
@JasonKleban Looking at your output now I see you use system as format.. I don't think you should have to specify the format then in config.js
Jonas Kello
Oct 27 2016 19:45
@JasonKleban If MyLib is using default exports I would suspect that causes problems... IMO never use default exports with typescript... it always causes problems both with typings and with package format mismatches... I always use named exports only... they are also better when you refactor.... cannot see any reason to use default exports...