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Oct 2016
Tair Sabirgaliev
Oct 28 2016 07:16
Per docs: esmExports: When loading a module that is not an ECMAScript Module, we set the module as the default export, but then also iterate the module object and copy named exports for it a well. Use this option to disable this iteration and copying of the exports.
Tair Sabirgaliev
Oct 28 2016 07:24
Does it imply import * as Highcharts from 'highcharts' can also be written as import Highcharts from 'highcharts'?
Joe Edelman
Oct 28 2016 12:53
Have any of you done the thing I'm trying to do above?
Diego Bustamante
Oct 28 2016 22:04
fyi - the fix was to add defaultJSExtensions: true to the global config (as opposed to within app package settings)