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Nov 2016
Tom Clement
Nov 04 2016 09:41
@mkastner Did you also add babel-plugin-transform-regenerator to BabelOptions.plugins in your jspm config file?
I haven't used regenerator outside of babel-polyfill, so I'm not exactly sure how it needs to be initialised before the transform-regenerator plugin can do its job
Tom Clement
Nov 04 2016 09:47
If I understand you correctly, the generator syntax is not even being transformed by the babel plugin, so my first check would be to see if that plugin is being run correctly
If the problem instead were that regenerator-runtime wasn't correctly included, you'd see an error from the transform plugin saying something like "regeneratorRuntime is undefined", because it's trying to access a global that hasn't yet been set by that runtime
Nov 04 2016 14:39
hello, can i ask here help about SystemJS Builder?
Tom Clement
Nov 04 2016 14:41
Hey @smartm0use, you can try, maybe someone here knows what you need