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Nov 2016
Yury Delendik
Nov 08 2016 17:20
@guybedford hi, re:systemjs/systemjs#1482, will first task be to replace fetchTextFromURL to something like fetchDataFromURL/detectFormat/decodeText ? or just ensure that 'wasm' format is using its fetch?
Nov 08 2016 21:00
Hi guys, has anyone successfully generated surcemaps with latest systemjs builder (0.15.33)?
I am even struggling with a simple example (builder.bundle('src/test.js', 'app.js', {sourceMaps: true}))
The paths written to the sourcemap are missing ("sources":["classCallCheck.js","createClass.js","test.js"])
the sourcessections just contains the filenames...
Nov 08 2016 21:07
Is this expected behaviour?