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Nov 2016
Allen Hendricks
Nov 10 2016 02:08
anyone have any tutorials of system-js with webpack
Guy Bedford
Nov 10 2016 11:13
@yurydelendik hey, yes exactly! I actually went ahead and integrated that in Do let me know what you think.
Yury Delendik
Nov 10 2016 15:22
@guybedford the fetch part looks good. Just to clarify WebAssembly.Module.exports usage: WebAssembly.Module.exports(wasmModule) shall return an array. But it's not implemented in browsers yet.
yurydelendik @yurydelendik can implement lightweight parser to prolyfill this featurs
Yury Delendik
Nov 10 2016 15:27
You might be also interested in fetching data via Streams (for incremental processing). Also script integrity checking while XHR will work well with arraybuffer fetching.