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Nov 2016
Elia Grady
Nov 17 2016 10:55
@Izzmo , the solution was provided by @guybedford : I was missing --source-map-contents in the jspm bundle CLI call
Nov 17 2016 14:08

how I can I let his crap Systemjs to load barrels by folder!
Nick George
Nov 17 2016 16:14
@bastiankhalil what?
@eliagrady oh I see, I didn't know you were using the bundler, but that makes waaaay more sense! Thanks for clarifying.
Owen Densmore
Nov 17 2016 19:33

:point_up: November 13, 2016 6:04 PM
To simplify the three.js question: What I really want is strategies for existing projects to migrate to modules, yet not breaking legacy users.

One obvious problem for three.js was the idea of extending via insertion. The Foo extension currently does THREE.Foo = ... which works for objects, but not modules due to modules being invariant.

So what is the strategy for migrating to modules? Is there a discussion on this anywhere?

@guybedford I sent you an email .. could you comment? Thanks!