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Nov 2016
Philip M. White
Nov 22 2016 00:29
Hello, all. I am having trouble understanding how to use system.js.
And I have a unique situation, I think... I am developing my app using Typescript and without a package manager.
And I am trying to pull my dependencies separately from an existing CDN, rather than bundling.
The main problem is, how do I tell Typescript that my dependencies will be satisfied by system.js? When I import by module name, Typescript complains that it cannot find this module.
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Nov 22 2016 19:23
I have a problem with this file from the babel-runtime polyfill
(function(System, SystemJS) {
    (function(require, exports, module, __filename, __dirname, global, GLOBAL, process) {
        module.exports = require('../modules/_core').Promise;
    ).apply(__cjsWrapper.exports, __cjsWrapper.args);
})(System, System);
I can't seem to make it pick up the .js extension
I'm trying to use node_modules
I have this package "node_modules\\babel-runtime\\node_modules\\core-js": where I set defaultExtension: "js" but no go
@alexisvincent @guybedford
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Nov 22 2016 19:57
damn, I think it's a forwardslash/backslash issue
how annoying
λex Vincent
Nov 22 2016 21:38
@Mosho1 Will check it out in the morning :)
Jake Niemiec
Nov 22 2016 22:18
I am using jspm build to make a static build. So far, every format works the same. What is generally the best format for jspm/Systemjs to consume?
λex Vincent
Nov 22 2016 22:24
Dont think theres much of a difference. Maybe System.register
Nick George
Nov 22 2016 22:30
Is Aurelia moving away from system.js?