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Nov 2016
Sharon (Sean) Rolel
Nov 23 2016 09:52
@Izzmo why do you think that?
Nick George
Nov 23 2016 13:28
@Mosho1 just keep reading about how Aurelia is going more and more with Webpack2.
Gert Sønderby
Nov 23 2016 15:28
Hello folks. Does anyone here have experience with module mocking via SystemJS.delete/set? I'm trying to do that right now, and it's... not doing anything.
λex Vincent
Nov 23 2016 15:35
@gertsonderby What are you doin gexactly
Gert Sønderby
Nov 23 2016 15:35
Something like this:
        default: {
            // ... mocked stuff 
But then I still get the regular file when later importing it.
... Or wait, no, it seems I don't? Somehow?
Apparently what I needed to do was ask for help, because now it works. >_<
λex Vincent
Nov 23 2016 15:39
haha yeah, i was about to say, what you’re doing is correct
Gert Sønderby
Nov 23 2016 15:40
Strange thing that it didn't work for me, then...
Well, now it does. :)
Nov 23 2016 19:33
if I bundle/minify ahead of time, how do I ensure SystemJS picks up on my pre-loaded modules?
λex Vincent
Nov 23 2016 20:43
@SynBiotik What do you mean?