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Dec 2016
Dec 06 2016 11:29
It takes long time, because there are a lot of requests. Check out the , I've been using it for some time, and I'm very happy with it. Actually I don't get all that hype for webpack, when in system.js I can choose what do I want to bundle, and what I don't want.
Kirill Cherkashin
Dec 06 2016 20:57
Hi all, so I have an .html file which includes a bunch of .umd.js files, mostly angular 2
And then I just do System.import and require the dependencies
It works well, but I want to avoid extra network requests
What would be the fastest way to bundle them all in one file
Given that I don't know what exact imports I'm going to use in advance
Nick George
Dec 06 2016 22:23
can you give an outline of the import chain?
or an example list of files you need to import? @kirjs