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Dec 2016
Kirill Cherkashin
Dec 07 2016 01:27
@lzzmo sure, here's the html file with all the deps:
And every local file is generated on the fly
Dec 07 2016 03:03
So I think I'm missing something here - but how do I actually get babel to transpile my js using systemjs? I was under the assumption that it would work by default given the choice to use babel in the init
However I just created a new project to test and there doesn't seem to be any transpilation happening at all
Dec 07 2016 10:07
Running Angular 2.2.4 with SystemJs 0.20 in IE11 gives "XHR error (404 Not Found) loading http://localhost:42732/scripts/setup/setup-module". It seems that .js extension is required? I am probably missing a configuration. Where can I find an example of SystemJS running in IE?
Eugenio Romano
Dec 07 2016 10:27
guys I was using to make the build of my angular 2 project and all is fine until I added the html and css . I didn't understand how to add it inside the build . I saw some people use gulp with other plugin is that the only way? Do you know a good article to read about it?
Bret Little
Dec 07 2016 16:13
@eromano if deeling with CSS / HTML, you probably will need to use a loader plugin
Eugenio Romano
Dec 07 2016 16:25
@blittle thanks