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Dec 2016
Dec 18 2016 07:59
so first I don't see any localhost call in the above error
2nd maybe I have found the fix for it:
and in system config.js:
  defaultJSExtensions: true,
  transpiler: false,
  paths: {
    "github:*": "jspm_packages/github/*",
    "npm:*": "jspm_packages/npm/*",
    "angular2-google-maps/core": "jspm_packages/npm/angular2-google-maps/core/core.umd.js"

  packages: {
    "angular2-google-maps/core": { defaultExtension: "js", main: "core.umd.js" },
    "app": { defaultExtension: "js", main: "./main.js" },
    "rxjs": { defaultExtension: "js" },
    'node-uuid': { format: "cjs", map: { crypto: "@empty" }

  map: {
    app: "app",
    immutable: "lib/immutable.js",
    "node-uuid": "lib/uuid.js",
at least since I modified the config to this the site loads again and no error in the console
Dec 18 2016 08:30
yes this solves the issues
is this somewhere documented? or how should this case in a "more unfriendly" way be handled?
I did face into this issue when I wanted to use this lib: