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Jan 2017
λex Vincent
Jan 19 2017 16:24
Getting a few of these Unable to alias the conditional dependency "npm:brorand@1.0.6/#:crypto”.
In the builder when I buildStatic but not with bundle. Any ideas?
@Munter ?
Peter Müller
Jan 19 2017 16:38
Haven't seen that one before. But it's over a year since I did anything real with systemjs, so a lot has happened
λex Vincent
Jan 19 2017 18:39
It would seem it was defaulting to building for node. so {browser: true} fixed it. @Munter what you using/building atm
Jan 19 2017 18:54
is there a good starter guide for folks coming from the browserify world?
I'm testing the waters of System.js and curious how much I need to feed to the System.config() to get it to deal with the underlying require()'s
all of which are either local or in node_modules (because browserify)
Peter Müller
Jan 19 2017 19:00
@alexisvincent react with webpack hell for our app and harp with assetgraph for our landing page