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Jan 2017
Guy Bedford
Jan 25 2017 09:23
@gertsonderby just realised that was a typo... System.config({ warnings: true })!
Gert Sønderby
Jan 25 2017 09:50
@guybedford Ah, okay. Thanks. :)
Ricky Blankenaufulland
Jan 25 2017 11:36
Hi! Is there an example how the locate override for plugins work? Which parameters are passed, what is to return? I would like to rewrite the address/URL of some resources marked with a custom plugin.
Ricky Blankenaufulland
Jan 25 2017 12:38
just found test/tests/advanced-plugin.js ( ) - wondering if translate would be more appropiate for URL rewriting...
Robert Cazacu
Jan 25 2017 12:57
I have a question that's not really systemjs related. I'm trying to import an external javascript library. In the library file, there is no exports or modules, there is simply a var library = { ... };. All tutorials on it tell me to import it using a script tag in the html which I don't want to do. My question is, how do I import external js libraries that have no exports?
Ricky Blankenaufulland
Jan 25 2017 16:13
I guess this basically means the library has no module format (like amd, commonjs, etc.) and you would need to wrap it
Ricky Blankenaufulland
Jan 25 2017 16:21
hm, you could write a systemjs plugin which wraps that in a module export like this text plugin does:
Peter Müller
Jan 25 2017 17:56
Systemjs supports globals. You just need to configure what the relevant global is called