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Feb 2017
Clay Ferguson
Feb 04 2017 04:44
I'm trying to find the cache-busting example (using System.loader) that various blogs have mentioned, but the link is broken. Anybody have a link to good cache busting, or can tell me how to make System.loader start working?
sorry System.locate is what i meant to say.
Joshua Sachs
Feb 04 2017 04:51
Just upgraded to 0.20.5 - getting hit with "undefined is not a valid transpiler plugin." I assume this is related to the breaking change documented about default transpilers, but I can't find guidance on how to set. I set System.config({ transpiler: 'plugin-typescript'})
Clay Ferguson
Feb 04 2017 05:11
@guybedford last two links are broken on this page:
[sorry guys, i guess i should have just created an issue and not post bugs on this chat window]
Feb 04 2017 12:39
hi. im having problems getting a library to work in the Browser. The library author assures me it is working both in the Browser and Node; I have it working in Node only
the library is davenport
im wanting to integrate it with Angular 2, but I think my issue is a system.js problem (i'm not 100% sure on how to define it in system.js)
after installing the library ok, in systemjs.config.js i have the line: 'davenport': 'npm:davenport/bin/browser.js'
Feb 04 2017 12:48
then in my typescript file, how do i 'import' it? The docs say import Client from 'davenport'; but when i do a const client = new Client<Foo>( '', 'helllo-world' ); (as per the docs) the error is a 'TypeError and 'davenport_1.default is not a constructor' !?!