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Feb 2017
Feb 13 2017 17:05

Hello community this week, i’m bringing to you the third part of the series in "Build a NodeJS cinema microservice", that i wrote @medium and it’s fully charged of nodejs development, as always i’m open to get feedback, contributions, or just a comment below =]

Eric Nilsen
Feb 13 2017 20:09
Just to check, if I have a single file systemjs-builder output that includes both register and registerDynamic modules, dependency order is kept regardless of whether a register requires a registerDynamic or vice versa, correct? systemjs/systemjs#652 seems to imply so. I'm building a custom angular 4 build with rxjs. The rxjs Subject dependency (cjs) is referenced by angular EventEmitter (esm) but was never called so the exports.Subject is undefined. My build process worked in a previous version, so i suspect its a bug worth reporting?
Eric Nilsen
Feb 13 2017 21:20
Nevermind, I see the breaking change listed. I assumed builder 0.16 mapped to systemjs 0.20 but its 19.