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Feb 2017
Eric Nilsen
Feb 25 2017 15:23
Is systems builder 16.3 usable with systemjs 0.20 out of the box? It pulls 0.19. Should I be calling reset(mySystem) or setting the loader to the current systemjs version anywhere?
Owen Densmore
Feb 25 2017 17:21

I use a systemjs@0.19.43/babel workflow that ONLY transforms modules (import/export).

I would love to eliminate the static workflow and use systemjs 0.20 dynamically in the browser w/ no babel, and systemjs doing its magic in the browser itself.

I'm OK not using the<script type=module>, System.import(entrypt.js) is fine. I'd don't want to bundle (more workflow). Just write code and use it w/ all transforms occurring in the browser.

Is this possible? If so, how?