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Feb 2017
Feb 27 2017 10:15
@kjvelarde thank you very much :)
Feb 27 2017 12:54
@Sophia-nguyen np
Charles Patton Jr
Feb 27 2017 21:46
I'm running into an issue where my transpiler is set to 'plugin-babel' and when I System.import my module I'm getting the error: 'C:\Users\cpatton\Documents\periscopereact\client\app\plugin-babel.js' so my question is: where do I have to configure things to make sure that it's not looking for plugin-babel inside of my baseURL?
This is only happening inside of my test module when I require('../jspm.config.js'), not doing that resolves it just fine
I'm desperately looking to learn more about testing using mocha and jspm but didn't find the directions very useful