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Mar 2017
Manuel Garcia
Mar 07 2017 15:40

Hello, If someone could help, I would really appreciate it. I have the following config for a bundle.

packages = {
'node_modules': {
format: 'register',
defaultExtension: 'js'
bundles : {
"node_modules/company/src/bundle.js" : ["company/src/component1/component1", "company/src/component2/component2"]

If I try to get the "__moduleName" var to do relative paths on Angular2, I get "http://localhost:8001/company/src/component/component" without the "node_modules". Without "node_modules" I won't a valid pass for getting html or css. Am I missing some extra config to get it done?

Manuel Garcia
Mar 07 2017 15:47
SystemJS v0.19.46
Mar 07 2017 15:57
i'm trying to upgrade from 0.19.38 to 0.20.0-alpha.1 now. have an issues with dependency injection (i guess). RouterModule in child modules is undefined -( Any suggestions?
@dima-gusyatiner i have
i have updated systemjs to 0.20.0-alpha.1 and systemjs-builder to 0.16.0-alpha.1