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Mar 2017
Guy Bedford
Mar 31 2017 05:30
@buddyp450 if you can share the exact problems you're having in an issue I can take a look. There isn't any specific documentation for jspm here because browserConfig should still work just the same on the latest jspm.
@yurydelendik very interesting. Without top-level await it could at least sugar with an async arrow function ala System.import('./hello/hello.js').then(async test => { ... })
Mar 31 2017 07:36
Hi, how to build all dependences "@angular/..., rxjs/..." to one bundle file and load one time at index.html
Charles Patton Jr
Mar 31 2017 20:29
@guybedford thanks I actually was able to work it out and it didn't have anything to do with that - however, I am in need of a way to not use the .js default extension for a single import statement