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Apr 2017
Apr 18 2017 13:06
Hey @timfish how aurelia-bundler is handling import from external libraries?
Tim Fish
Apr 18 2017 13:09
I'm bundling everything together, all dependencies and my code
module.exports = {
  "bundles": {
    "dist/bundle-app": {
      "includes": [
        // These are the libraries we're using
.. snip
        // these are our app files
      "excludes": [
      "options": {
        "inject": true,
        "minify": false,
        "depCache": false,
        "rev": false,
        "sourceMaps": true,
        "sourceMapContents": true
Apr 18 2017 13:12
I'm curious because I'm about to use systemjs / builder, but my whole application is written in TypeScript, and inside my .TS files I'm importing external libraries ( e.g: immutable ), so I'm not sure if the external libraries would be bundled
Because as for as I understood, I should firstly compile from .TS to ES5 and then bundle... I'm afraid the import won't be bundled....