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May 2017
Randall Leeds
May 03 2017 05:13
Is there a way to get systemjs using packageConfigPaths to honor the 'module' field?
Charles Patton Jr
May 03 2017 19:45
How do you mean?
Randall Leeds
May 03 2017 21:43
I've been using rollup for building ES6 modules in order to ship them for wider (non-ES6) consumers. With rollup, I have {"main": "lib/index.js", "module": "src/index.js"} in my package.json which lets a downstream consumer using rollup or webpack 2 (as I understand it, I'm not a heavy webpack user) include the un-transpiled version of the module in order to bundle it appropriately for their target environments (and include only the imported symbols) but allows other bundlers that expect an ES5 commonjs module to use the transpiled version. For development, I'm trying to use SystemJS to import modules in the browser as ES6, but using packageConfigPaths SystemJS tries to fetch "lib/index.js", which doesn't exist until I publish.