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Jun 2017
ǝᴉsɹnoɥʇ sɐuoɾ
Jun 08 2017 06:13
What's the general approach for cache-handling systemjs itself? When using jspm to install packages, we get a path like jspm_packages/npm/jquery@3.2.1/, but for systemjs itself it's jspm_packages/system.js.
What's the best strategy here? Should we let the browser revalidate the file, and let the server return 304 not modified? Would be nice to be able to cache that file hard as well (preferably without hashing the filename in a build step).
Robert Butler
Jun 08 2017 20:35
so I'm trying to load react.js using system.js, and I keep getting weird errors
"Error: Cannot read property 'System' of undefined"
Robert Butler
Jun 08 2017 20:42
I'm using systemJS 0.20.13 via cdnjs
Hari Menon
Jun 08 2017 21:22
can someone tell me how SystemJS can be configured to load modules from Application Cache (while offline)?
I am getting XHR fetch errors for modules that are in the Application Cache