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Jun 2017
Mikael Karon
Jun 12 2017 12:57
I have a small example build using systemjs-builder that works fine for 0.19 but fails in 0.20
error I'm getting is "Error: Setting SystemJS.baseURL directly is no longer supported. Use SystemJS.config({ baseURL: ... })"
now, the problem here is that the code that actually sets SystemJS.baseURL is actually here:
I do see that the systemjs version used by builder is ^0.19.46, so not 0.20
Is there a builder version compatible with 0.20?
Mikael Karon
Jun 12 2017 13:18
and the solution was to npm install systemjs-builder@next along with npm install systemjs@next
make sure your package.json has
    "systemjs": "^0.20.0-rc.8",
    "systemjs-builder": "^0.16.0-alpha.1"
Mikael Karon
Jun 12 2017 13:39
so then a different question
my local package is located in js, externally defined deps are in node_modules, how can I set up a baseURL pointing to node_modules and keep my js folder as a sibling to that?